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What's New

Not much, yet, but there should be something soon-ish. Now that I've started work on JJC again things should happen quite quickly, so I'll document my progress here.

Development State

All of the stuff in here is available from the anonymous CVS repositry, it's all development code so don't be suprised if there's bugs, doesn't work right, or doesn't even compile. For details of where to get it from look in the development section.


  • New interface to XMLStorage, Path Strings. E.g. To read a hostname from the login tag you can do .get("login.hostname"); .
  • Due to the above, login data is now saved.


  • Plugins are now supported. (Old ones will work with a few conversions).


  • Can now change your online state.
  • Can send messages to anyone on your roster.
  • Can recieve messages, and send back a reply.
  • JabberMessageEvents now support x tags.


  • Change contacts nicknames.


  • Basic roster exists (so you can see who's online).


  • Registering with Jabber servers now works.
  • Logging in is now possible.

Release State

At the moment the only release version is the old, pre-jjccore/gui split. It works, but isn't really supported at the moment, since is going to be replaced with the new version (JJCGUI).