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At the moment I wouldn't recomend anyone trying to write plugins for JJC, since I haven't got round to adding plugin support in yet. It will be in there, but I can't be sure how it will work since there's some problems with the old way of doing it and I'm sure that there must be a better way.

That said, anyone is welcome to help out either by checking the code or by submitting ideas and stuff. Everybody can help, the GUI's going to need new graphics and stuff (and it might even be skinable) so artists and designers are welcome to join in too.

JJC is now two projects. A Jabber core, which does most of the work and is completely seperate form the GUI, so if you want Jabber support in your application it's a good place to start (several people have already done this, which is what made me decide to split JJC into two projects). The other half is a sort of offical GUI for the core.

For developers who understand CVS here's a link to the SourceForge.net page on how to get access. There's currently two CVS modules, javajabberc and jjc. javajabberc is the old one, and jjc is the new one. At some point (When jjc is usable and has had it's first release), javajabberc will disapear but until then it's still up for grabs.
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