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Ok, I've decided that there won't be a JJC release for a while. I don't see any point in releasing a new version of the client until it has most of the features of the old one. Hopefully that shouldn't be too long (depends on if I get the plugin code going, that way I can just reuse the old plugins for the meantime).
If you really want the new version you can grab it from CVS, but I don't recomend it since it's lacking a lot of features at the moment. If you need a client now get the old version.
If you happen to be a developer with some spare time grab the code and have a look. If you find something you want to do email me and we'll see. All help is welcome.

What's Jabber?

Jabber is an instant messagings system (and a few other things but I'll forget about these for the moment), but it uses XML so it's easy to create clients for it, and to link it in with other systems. As well as that anyone can run a Jabber server, so you're school, university or office could have their own messaging system.



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